5 nice cities escapes!

Got a few days to spare?

Let us tell you how to spend them. Europe is booming with cool capitals, beautiful coastal cities, and cultural metropolitans. How do you even choose between the many places this little continent has to offer? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our list of recommendations for the perfect extended weekend get-away spots. Where to eat, where to go and what to see.



A city that is very popular during the summer season, but also a place that has a lot to offer any other month of the year. The capitol of the French Riviera is more than just a place to swim and eat ice cream in the sun, it has many cultural activities, top restaurants, and shopping options to offer.

The artist Henri Matisse used to live in the city, and the museum Musée Matisse honors his former presence with interesting exhibitions inside a beautiful old villa just outside the city.

If you prefer to spend your time eating your way through the city, there are many options for that too. Nice offers both Michelin-starred restaurants such as Jan and more down-to-earth bistros where the food is still top tier such as Le Bistrot d’Antoine with classic southern French bites.

Another activity that seems popular in this beautiful coastal city is shopping, and no matter where you go in the city, you’ll be met with shops offering anything the heart could desire. Walk down Avenue Jean Medecin and bask in all the nice shops – pun intended.



With its rich history and world-famous landmarks, it’s an obvious place to visit. And Berlin has everything to offer. An underground scene not seen in many other European cities, a broad span of restaurants with food from all over the world, museums in abundance etc.

One of our recommendations for a weekend in Berlin is to just walk around the different neighborhoods; visit the hybrid café-kiosks where you can enjoy a beer with the locals outside, shop in the small, curated shops with handcrafted goods, or enjoy one of the many parks around the city.

A museum that is worth visiting is the Berlin Story Bunker, a museum about the Second World War, which is located inside a bunker. It’s a surreal experience walking around inside a bunker, reading about the war that was the reason for that very bunker to be build. It’s a tough but meaningful visit. Another place to visit is the The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europé, better known as the Holocaust Memorial by most Berliners. Opened in May 2005, the memorial in Berlin-Mitte is located near the Brandenburg Gate and is one of the city's most impressive sights.

Berlin is also known for being able to cater to your every food craving. Every cuisine is represented somewhere within the city, so it can be hard narrowing the endless list of good restaurants down to a few recommendations. But we tried and our recommendation lands on Buya Ramen Factory or Kimchi Princess in Kreuzberg. It’s 2 cool, spacious restaurants with ramen that tastes like it’s made in heaven.



Many years ago, Buda and Pest were two separate cities on either side of the Danube River, but in 1873 the two cities merged into what we today know as Budapest. A capital known for its rich culture and history, stunning and old architecture, and its many many spas. Enjoy a day at the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, where you can go for a swim in the large outdoor basin, relax in a bubble bath, or enjoy one of the many saunas. We can’t think of a better way to relax and enjoy another country’s culture.

One of the biggest appeals about Budapest is the restaurant scene. You can feast on Michelin dishes for a fraction of the price of what you pay at home.

As of right now there are seven Michelin Start restaurants in Budapest, and one of them is Salt, also called the ‘Noma of Budapest’, where we recommend their tasting menu.

If you’re in the mood for something less fancy and more local, how about visiting Karavan Street Food – a pedestrian passage turned into an outdoor food court. Here you can enjoy anything from burgers to traditional Hungarian dishes.



Known as the city of a thousand spires or the golden city, Prague is the capitol of the Czech Republic. The city is visited by many tourists every year, as the city is cheaper than most European capitals, it has an interesting history, and the architecture is simply breathtaking.

Prague is divided into two major neighborhoods: Staré Mesto (old town) and Malá Strana (lesser town). If you’re going for the traditional and historic vibes with cobblestone streets, then old town is for you. Walk around this area in your own pace or perhaps book a guided tour, so you won’t miss out on any of those interesting history facts.

While you’re in old town you should head to Bistro Monk for a delicious salad and a coffee, or maybe you’re in the mood for the Indian cuisine? Then you should go to either Sangham or Indian Jewel, where their naan and curries are to die for! Finish off the day by having a drink at Pivovarsky dum Benedict, where you’ll be served drafted beers in cosy surroundings. If you’re travelling with your family or just prefer to stay in a quieter and less-crowded area, then opt for Hradcany – the castle district – named for its many castles and the beautiful view from the top of the hill that it’s situated on.

And you can’t leave Prague without having seen the 14th-century Charles Bridge connecting the two parts of town. This historical city is booming with must-see things, but the Charles Bridge is our favorite. There are several restaurants located around the bank of the Vltava River, from which you can enjoy the view of the bridge while dining.



Modern buildings, historic sites, outdoor spaces, museums, and an overflow of good places to eat and drink – what else could you want? The capital of Poland has been nicknamed The Phoenix, as the city was mostly destroyed after WW2 but has now risen from the ashes and stands strong and beautiful.

Visit Warsaw in the spring or autumn to avoid the crowds or go there during the summer where it reaches a good sightseeing temperature for exploring what the city has to offer.

One of the many things to see in the city is the elegant Nowy Świat Street, where you can grab a cup of coffee on the go. As you stroll around the city center, you’ll stumble upon many beautiful churches and historic monuments. Many of the buildings around you have been rebuild after the war, to look the way they did before their demolition.

No trip to Poland is complete without understanding the country’s history. We recommend visiting the Warsaw Rising Museum and the POLIN Museum. You can book a private guided tour, to really understand Warsaw’s communist history.

On a lighter note, it’s time to grab something to eat. Are you into fine dining try either the ELIXIR Restaurant or Stolica – both restaurants that will serve you modernized Polish dishes. For a quick lunch head to Croque Madame, and make sure not to miss out on Café Bristol. We love Warsaw and we’re sure you will too!



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